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Extreme Makeover
Kadzis Family, Tallahassee
In early 2009, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition announced they were coming to Tallahassee to build a house for a deserving family. The show selected MyddeltonParker Builders to be the builder for the project. JKR Consulting contacted the builders and volunteered to handle the media relations for the project. For a month leading up to the build, we coordinated the media outreach and interviews for the builders. Working with the producers from the show, we coordinated press releases and coverage of the events leading up to the build.
On February 17, 2009 the family of George and Barbara Kadzis were announced as the family selected to receive the new home. Over the next seven days the existing home was torn down and a brand new home was built. JKR Consulting worked with the production team and the builder to coordinate the media coverage during the build, including local and state media outlets. Following the conclusion of the building, we continue to work with the Kadzis family on their numerous requests for media interviews. The project allowed JKR Consulting, LLC an opportunity to work with local media and to build long-lasting relationships. The personal impact of the project inspired us to work with other deserving families with the United States and around the world.
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